Regular is our line of light duty general purpose greases, these greases make an excellent choice for general lubricating grease applications that aren't exposed to challenging environments.


Plus is our line of medium duty multi-purpose greases. These greases make an excellent choice for lubricating greases across a wide range of industries. They have increased high temperature, extreme pressure, load carrying and water washout resistance.


Premium is our line of heavy-duty high quality multi-purpose greases. This line makes an excellent choice for nearly all types of lubricating grease applications. These greases are designed specifically for extending lubricating grease intervals and lifespan providing significant savings through reduced grease consumption. Our Premium line also provides solutions to challenging applications including severe environments exposed to extreme pressures, high temperatures, shock loading or heavy amounts of water ingress.


Specialty is our line of application specific, problem solving greases. These greases have been custom formulated to solve unique lubricating grease requirements, due to an application posing an extreme working condition. Some of these conditions range from environmental concerns to the inability of a typical multi-purpose grease not being able to fortify enough protection; requiring a more customized lubricant to do the job.


Food Grade (NSF H-1) greases are designed specifically for food-processing environments, where incidental food contact is a possibility.  GreaseCo's FoodGrade line protects against rust and corrosion, while exhibiting superior performance at high & low temperatures, under extreme pressures and in presence of water.


GreaseCo's lineup of BustApart greases are uniquely fortified with an additional solid package, providing protection against galling and seizing. This allows for easier disassembly of critical machinery parts and the prevention of seizing through metal on metal contact.  BustApart provides superior protection against rust and corrosion.

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